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Food - Sweet Mama's - Jacksonville

While after getting my first Covid Vaccine on empty stomach, I was starving and decided to head over to Cesery for some food. My fiance was with me and we see Sweet Mama's out of the corner of our eye.

It says southern homestyle cooking i.e. Soul food and it's Sunday so we say why not. The owners are sweet and we order Fish and Shrimp and the Oxtail Dinner with Collards and Mac & Cheese to go.

I spill half on my drink in my car after it fell out the hood and many expletives later we are on our way.

The oxtails were tender and large with plenty of meat, but HUNNY it's the sides for meee...

Those collards and mac & cheese were fire. They are heavy and needed to be eaten over a course of several hours but, that was expected.

I snuck in my fiance's to-go box to find well seasoned hard-fried swai that I will order myself after I try their garlic snow crab.

While masks were recommended they were not required which a few of my friends would lose their minds over (they are in the good right to do so). One cook didn't realize he didn't have his mask on until we stared in the kitchen for the 20 minutes it took to cook our food.

I think we would not have such a hypersensitive eye if covid was no longer a thing but, this is Florida and we are trying to eliminate it.

Overall, I would definitely go back, it's clean their smooth jams are a bop, and I think it is a black-owned business that I am always down to support.

Check them out if you are headed towards Merrill for any reason 🤣

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