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Anime - After The Rain - Creep to Sweet???

I finally decided to explore Amazon Prime Video's anime options and for some reason, I clicked on After The Rain.

The is one season starring a 17-year-old girl who suffered a career-ending injury as a track runner and decided to start working at a family restaurant after stopping there on a rainy day.

Ends up having a crush borderline obsession with a 45-year-old divorced man with a son. She gets caught smelling his shirt, confesses her love, and forces him to go on a date with her.

This was the moment this show could have went so left field and it alludes to that fact with some conscious scenes that did not happen in reality but, makes it understood he only wants to be friends at this time.

The girl, Akira, and her 45-year-old manager, Mr. Kondou were drawn to help each other because both of them had giving up on their passions and promising to themselves over the consequences of engulfing themselves in the things they love. Unknowingly, they were pushing each other to try again for the things that brought them joy.

Akira used Kondou as a surrogate for her passion for running, pushing her best friend away in the same instant but, thankfully both Kondou and Akira had great friends who would not let them give up on their dreams.

Akira and Kondou agreed to maybe reconnect once they both achieved their goals, Akira's being able to run once again and Kondou becoming a successful writer that impacts his readers like his friend.

I honestly thought I was getting into a creep-fest when starting this anime but, it was beautifully written inspiring, and touching to see two generations struggle and growth together in themselves becoming better people in the process.

10/10 Would recommend it.

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