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Anime - There is a show for every real life situation.

Happy March!

I am alive and am very busy with life as always but, I hope you know I miss y'all! There are a lot of things going on in the world so hopefully these will help you get your mind off for a minute or two.

This is for my friends and family that always tell me they can't get into cartoons or anime and can't take them seriously or they watch it but their significant other doesn't.

It's hard for a lot of people to move past them being fictional characters but, in reality all characters are fictional if they are not a documentary or biography.

So, I want to go over some Animes that the everyday person can get into because of drama, art style, character development, and/or relatable circumstances that anyone can understand.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I have not seen every anime that exist , very few have but, these are the ones I have seen or heard a lot of about so if I missing something you know. Do Not Come Me! THANK YOU ☺️

If you like to cry or at least get in the feels (i.e: This is Us):

-Clannad & Clannad After Story

Clannad follows primary evolves around Tomoya and Nagisa two high school students and their friends but developes quickly covering topics of grief, depression, and addiction. You really have to opportunity to understand how one traumic experience can really change someone forever.

- Fruits Basket (2019): Fruits Basket follows the Soma family as they navigate through a curse of being reincarnated as the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac and how a girl, Tohru stubborns upon their secret while grieving the sudden death of her mother and best friend. The whole group learns how to coup and deal with trauma, family expectations, and abuse with the help of each other.

- Grave of Fireflies: Grave of Fireflies follows devasting results of World War II in Japan from children's eyes. The Author of the short story the film is based off of lived through the bombings himself so needless to say it is a tearjerker.

Action Movie Buffs: (i.e. Marvel, D.C.)

-Naruto & Naruto Shippuden: If you have never heard of this you have probably see kids running with their arms behind them or see them in headbands with a metal leaf emblem. It is all based off of this show. To some, Naruto is one of these greatest animes of all time having totaling 10 movies during the series run on top of the 750 episodes. (I know it sounds like a lot of you can skip filler episodes if you would like. It is a true coming of age story that has many teens and young adults since captivated by the story and individual character development for every character in the series.

Hunter x Hunter: Hunter Hunter is quite an action packed bundle of entertainment. The Main Character Gone reminds me of Spider Man in ways as he is naive to the situation he's going into and feels as though they will work out regardless. Sometimes that is not the case and someone has to assist with cleaning up the mess. There are great fight scenes, good storylines (up until the ending) but, overall solid characters to fall in love with.

Crime Dramas (NCIS, CSI, Law & Order

Case Closed: An oldie but, absolutely fantastic series that follows a 16 year old genius detective that gets himself too close to truth and is transformed to a child who uses his friend Rachel's dad, also a detective to solve crimes while trying to figure out how to get his body back. I can't wait to have the time to rewatch this series again because it is that good.

Black Butler: another child dective in Scotland Year who solves the most treacherous crimes in the name of the Queen of England. He has "one hell of a bulter" to assist and protect him by any means necessary. This has a lot of pretty boys in it, but a great plot too if that is not your thing.

Well let me know if you decide to check anything out. I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like a part two please share and comment below. I have kid friendly, foodie approved, horror, comedy, magical, and ones to think deserve academy and emmy nominations so let me know. K byeeee!

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