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Anime - Black Girls Anime

As I mentioned, things have been moving and shaking so the Anime has been minimal. Usually, I feel despair or depression when I go without it for a long time.

This time is different. I have been getting my fix in other ways.

Black Girls Anime is a community and business dedicated to the Anime fandom while being and embracing the authentic black girl experience. From Facebook's Makeup Mondays to Instagram's k-pop trap music virtual dance parties to the freshest twitter anime tea off the press, BGA brings you content, fun, and happiness.

Their team does not get the credit they deserve.

Today we finally got word of the getting the Demon Slayer movie released in the US and it made my day. My best friend and maid of honor are already plotting and planning for those ticket sales because I NEED IT.

As I have gotten older, I worried about how being a fan would be received. This community, makes me feel welcome and is simping our way into all areas of black social media.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, but you think it sounds cool since I am an okay human check them out @blackgirlsanime on all social platforms.

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