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Anime - Sailor Moon Eternal Parts 1 & 2 - It's About Time!

Now y'all know with Sailor Moon Eternal FINALLY streaming on Netflix, I had to not only stream it but watch both parts in 1 sitting.

As always, let me preface this with I have not completed the entire Sailor Moon manga.

I know, I know. I claim to be a Sailor Moon Superfan but, I have not finished the manga. It is a constant work in progress for me since it is black and white and I get bored very easily.

With that being said.

I have done my research on the manga time and time again. I know the storyline and key elements missing from the 90s animation adaptation. I have seen all 200 episodes and noticed the gaps in Mamoru and Chibiusa's characters.

Although, Sailor Moon Crystal's animation was vile, terrible, and rushed it finally started to fill in the gaps and Sailor Moon Eternal continued the momentum.

The artwork is great in making Usagi and the team actually look their age but, there were still some minor adjustments to be made. Sailor Pluto was ever so slightly brown and I would have made that more prevalent since she is the only canon character of color. The age adjustments when they are scouts were not prominent as well and I would have shown the difference. However, the outfits were AMAZING and the transformations almost made me cry. The animation team really outdid themselves on catching the essence of each individual character.

Now the storyline, part 1 was a speedway through the Inner Senshi (Soldiers) and it seemed so rushed we could barely keep up as the viewer. Ami's seemed the least rushed since we finally got to see her mom and dad as well as gain a better idea of her past. This makes sense since Ami is one of the most popular sailor scouts in Japan. The first part came off a bit unrememberable but, I will definitely watch it again. I will note, I am happy Chibiusa vocalizes that she knows Mamoru is her future father and she needs to stop lusting after this man. She has never been a favorite of mine but, her jealousy of her own parents' relationship grinds my gears.

Part 2 was truly amazing and I cannot fault any of it in the slightest. The pacing was great, the Outer Senshi are back, and we get the Sailor Saturn transformation we have been waiting for years. The highlight of Venus and Artemis's relationship and bond was beautiful and I hope Usagi and Luna have a similar moment in Stars. Haruka and Michiru's relationship is put on display but, they are not focused on each other but doing want is best for their Princess. Mamoru is not as useless as we all thought he was and now we can truly see how he was the protector of Earth before Usagi came to be and seeing the Amazon Quartet as future scouts makes me want a sequel for Chibiusa so bad just to see her finally grown up, be with Helios, and rebuild the Silver Millenium.

Overall, I think Netflix did a great job with the project itself even though, it needs more marketing. I hope they put the gas to the floor in completing Sailor Stars, the most tragic and impactful season that everyone wants to see.

Let me know your thoughts on the movies. If you have not seen it, I definitely recommend starting from the Crystal Series on Hulu first then moving to the movies on Netlfix accordingly.

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