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Happy New Year

Hey Hey, it's 2022.

Per usual, I have been away far too long but, I have been living a lot of life. 2021 brought a new state, new job, new last name, and a New House!

That's right, we managed to buy a house in December making 2021 the most change I have ever experienced.

This year, I'm not making promises but, I want to be more creative while focusing on making sure I am mentally healthy.

We sacrifice so much for others, sometimes you have to take a step back and get your self together.

So I hope this year is is amazing for you, work on getting that new job, paying off that debt, losing that weight, buying the house or car, or just making sure you have a self-care Sunday every Sunday.

Just do what makes you happy and fulfilled.

We love you, see you soon ☺️

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