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Food - Jacksonville - SaySoSweets Filipino and Hawaiian Bakery

Like I mentioned in my last blog, I had to fly back to Jacksonville literally for a day to clean my apartment and turn in my keys. For weeks I have been eyeing the time to try the newest Filipino/ Hawaiian Bakery on the block.

I literally took a Lyft from my apartment to go there for breakfast on Sunday. When I walked in I was a cute bakery with so many different types of bread and pastries. I wished there was a place to sit but instead I grabbed a few things and walked up and down the shopping center to kill time.

I came but the puto and empanadas but, left with Ube rice treats with oreos and Ube chocolate chip cookies. All of which were amazing but, I could have eaten 15 putos, they were slightly sweet bread made with rice flour and effortlessly melted in your mouth. Trust me, when you bite into them you feel the love put into it.

The cookies were small and thin making you not feel guilty for eating. which is always a plus. The empanadas were not yet ready and there was no where to sit and wait so I missed out on that but, the next time I come to JAX I am going for it!

The rice treats were so good with that bright purple color, I could have eaten a sheet of them no problem but, my waistline would hate me for that.

I seriously cannot wait to go back and wish there was one in Nashville but, great job to the owners on their customer service and friendly atmosphere. Definitely check out SaySoSweets on Beach when you get the chance!

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