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Life - 58

Sometimes, when people leave this side, your family and friends like to think of you as forever the age you were and in your case it would be 55. I think even in Heaven, you are still making friends, having fun, greeting people when they make it to the other side. Time may have stopped because there is no longer pain to feel, work to do, or bills to be paid but, I don't think you stop being you and now enjoying the life you did not get to live on Earth.

So I hope 58 for you comes with new concerts from Tina Marie, MJ, or Prince. I hope you and Ms. Jackie throw a joint Halloween birthday party, and Granny's makes you her famous chicken wings. I hope that you have your own Vegas where you hit the jackpot everytime, get to try the coolest outfits, and dance the night away.

I know you were able to see the wedding, excited to finally have a son, grumble with me over my job, and see how amazing Aruba was along side me in spirit.

Please continue to watch over us. I thank you for giving me everything I wanted, sacrificing so much more than I ever understood, and I wish that one day I can become half of the woman you were to me.

I love you and happy birthday Mommy.

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