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Life - We Moved to Nashville?!

Hey Y'all.

I know I have been more inconsistent than Future's albums but, we moved to Nashville with a week's notice.

I know... right now you are going "what in the hell were you thinking?"

Both my fiance and I have been feeling depressed and disheartened by the job market in Jacksonville. I let him talk me into it especially since we would have been paying $300 more for the same space we have now if we had stayed in Jax.

Overall the apartment is decent and more space than we had but, our stuff still isn't here and his car keeps getting delayed as well. It's rough out in these streets.

Let me just say, please please please, if you move out of state either move the stuff yourself with an Uhaul or get a dedicated truck to assist you with service like bellhop (not sponsored). Having "dedicated space" on an 18 wheeler is total bologna and I will never go that route again in my life. They can change the price anytime they feel like it and their customer service is the worst thing I have ever seen.

We are sleeping on a borrowed air mattress (thanks to one of my best friends that lives here). I am on my last pair of pants and I am typing on the floor as we speak.


Our internet and electricity works, we have a roof over our heads in a good neighborhood. I literally had to pause typing this to fly back to Jacksonville and clean up our old apartment.


I am thankful for the financial capability to do this and that even two of the things worked out on time. Missing my friends in Jax is the understatement of a lifetime but, I pray that this adventure helps us bring our dreams into reality and understand each other as husband and wife.

Wish us luck!

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