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Life - Wedding/ Weight Loss/ Moving?


It was been busier than a Waffle House on a Saturday at 2 am for me. We are less than a month from moving with no place to go. Doors are opening for me out of nowhere and I'm grateful.

I finally sent out my wedding invitations. Half a candle and days of back pain later, we made it to the other side. I hope everyone likes them but, when I was sitting on my floor for 4 hours at a time I really asked myself why we didn't elope.

I saw that 239 one time, my body and appetite have been playing games with me ever since. We shall not be discouraged, my shoulders are getting wider, my chin is poppin', and my arms are getting smaller so I'm optimistic overall.

Someone reached out to me today about being the person I was meant to be. That is something I want to do but I ask myself how? I have these aspirations to be an entrepreneur, author, real estate mogul, and influencer in the shadows.

I have found myself lately getting the strongest urges to hug my friends, quit my job, and share myself as much as I can.

I too think there is something big out there for me but, what is it? How do I get there?

Sunday starts a 36 hour fast for me. Other than being extremely sick, I never went 24 hours without eating let alone 36 but, I need to pray, cleanse myself of the junk food from Buc-ee's (which is insane and awesome post-covid). I need to create self-discipline.

My name means in a bird in a family of crows. My schooling and personal experiences lend me to seeing the world differently than most. I want to know how I fit in it to be my best self.

This year brings so many changes, it is exciting and challenging. It makes me want to push the envelope further building a new version of myself that makes things right for my husband and family.

What ingredients do you think I should add to my life to be the person I am destined to be?

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