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Travel/ Food - Las Vegas - Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

So for my bachelorette party, it was decided we would go to Las Vegas. This was my first time going to Vegas as an adult and the last I was there I was in the 6th grade.

I know right? It sounds strange for children to go to Vegas but, we saw kids nonstop everywhere we went.

Anyways, on everyone's first full day, my Man of Honor had reservations for us at Yardbird. Shout out to him for thinking ahead because it would have been impossible to get them a day or two in advance since the U.S. really started to open back up for Memorial Day weekend. That was both lucky for us but, provided every potential price hike possible when it came to rentals and hotels so please make sure to make as many reservations as possible for food prior to getting to Vegas.

So back to Yardbird, which is located in the Venetian Resort and rather difficult to park at for just dinner or something. The atmosphere is definitely southern chic. Yardbird has a lot of wood decor, but upscale in food and drink presentation so there is no need to dress up for lunch or dinner.

Since it was a small group, we were able to try a few items on the menu. As an appetizer, we got the Classic Buttermilk Biscuits and Deviled Eggs, for lunch personally Crispy Lousiana Catfish Po'boy and no one at our table bought the signature Chicken N' Waffles N' Watermelon.

I think deep down as black people we didn't necessarily feel comfortable ordering that in a predominately white space in hopes of not fulfilling any stereotypes.

With that being said, I was truly pleased with who good the overall food was. My favorite by far was the Deviled Eggs. The portion size was awesome, each egg really had about 3 eggs worth of filling and was topped with smoked trout roe that really elevated the eggs to another level. If you like savory with an extra side of savory then this is for you!

The Biscuits were also pretty strong second from what I heard. I am not a fan of jam or any salty and sweet combination for that matter so I just had a biscuit by itself but, for those that did try it, they were definitely happy with the flavor and flakiness of the biscuits themselves.

The Catfish Po'boy was crispy and moist and held up well. Overall, I could not say better things about my experience and I can't wait to share more Vegas eats with you in the upcoming posts.

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