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Life - Iz Married Now

Hey hey!

Long time no talk.

The wedding came and went, my name has changed, and the storm is calling down.

There are a few things I guess I need to address about the process...

Let me start by saying the day of wedding was amazing. The day itself beautiful, the wedding party got a long well, there were no confrontations, no one was out of dress code. Most people showed up on time. Including my biological father that I had not seen since I was 17, I'm now 27...

I was truly blessed and happy with the day.

Leading up to it however was one of the most depressing, stressful, and lonely feelings.

I felt like the process was so stressful partially because my wedding planner was off her A game, we decided to move to a different state and start new jobs less than 6, months away from the wedding 🥲

I know, I know. We played ourselves with all of that going on at the same time.

Both Sterling and I both lost friends permanently during this time that were in the wedding and I would be lying to you if I said I was over it.

In person my bridal party was great but many people (only 3 to be exact) made it to the Bachelorette party due to personal reasons and I was crushed. I honestly felt that everyone who I thought loved me didn't.

Obviously, that wasn't the case but, it felt like it.

So many people asked me would I do it again. I would in a different place and time when my mom was still alive but, it was the best in that moment so I am grateful.

So what now?

We start the home search process, life with this new integrated family, and make each other as happy as I can.

What about us? Your loyal readers.

I'm here, coming to you with merch, wedding planning lessons, do's and don'ts, with of course more food.

Thank you for being on this ride so far, we are just getting started.

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