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Why Me?

I'm not an Instagram model or a lifestyle brand. I'm Jay, 26, and tired of hiding in my own shell. That's me pictured in 2001  with my mom at Disney World. I lost her tragically in 2019 and I realized I needed to shoot my shot with things I love most in this world - Food, Anime, Love, and Life. I'm engaged to my high school sweetheart, videographer, and photographer who will be helping me document my anime reviews, conventions, travel escapades, and more. I'm a normal girl who wants to share her world to make people understand they are not alone and introverts can have fun too.
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Anime - BNA: Brand New Animal

I'm back in another Netflix anime review - the new talk of the town is BNA: Brand New Animal coming from Studio Trigger makers of Kill la...

Love - Wedding Planning Part 1

Finally getting in engaged after ten LONG years of dating is amazing don't get me wrong however, this wedding planning is a hot mess. I...

Food/Travel - Charlotte, NC

Last weekend was our first time traveling post-stay-at-home orders. We drove to Charlotte, NC to see if it may be a place we want to move...

Food - London's Fish N Chip

So I was driving on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, starving, after a long evening of running errands after work and decided to indulge in my...

Anime - Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is another Netflix Original anime. It is quite an original storyline, starting from the center of the story, and working its...

Anime - A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away is a new movie from Studio Colorido on Netflix. The main character Miyo or "Muge" is boisterous and silly in order to hide...

Love - 16 Years in the Making

The year was 2004 when I transferred to a small Catholic school right outside of the south side of Chicago. I came in at a 1st-grade...

Food - @Melody.Eats

I own a food instagram called @Melody.Eats (formerly know as @alwayshungryjax). For the past three years I have been sharing my passion...

Anime - Sailor Moon Obsessed

I love Sailor Moon, I have been a Moonie and Otaku since Cartoon Network's Toonami decided to air Sailor Moon (DiC Dub) right after...

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