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Why Me?

I'm not an Instagram model or a lifestyle brand. I'm Jay, 26, and tired of hiding in my own shell. That's me pictured in 2001  with my mom at Disney World. I lost her tragically in 2019 and I realized I needed to shoot my shot with things I love most in this world - Food, Anime, Love, and Life. I'm engaged to my high school sweetheart, videographer, and photographer who will be helping me document my anime reviews, conventions, travel escapades, and more. I'm a normal girl who wants to share her world to make people understand they are not alone and introverts can have fun too.
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Food - Jacksonville - Pink Salt

One of my best friends came back to town to visit her family and as black women, we do try to visit black-owned establishments anytime we...

Anime - March Comes in Like A Lion

You know when you are running through Netflix for your next binge content and you run past something over and over that catches your eye...

Food - Jacksonville - Tasty Pot

My friend decided to get together and try the new Tasty Pot location in Jacksonville. It amazes me that they chose Jacksonville as their...

Anime - Fate:The Winx Saga 🧚

The Winx Club was one of my favorite series growing up. It is actually an Italy Anime with tons of transformations and sparkles (ideal...

Life - 2 years

Today marks two years. It almost feels unreal because I have been working on everything but facing my reality. The truth that you are...

Life - Happy Birthday Granny

Today would have been your 90th Birthday. I always appreciated your sense of humor in your later years. Granny was a cook by profession...

Life - Weight Loss - Week 3 🙄

Baby... This was a rough week. I went got down to 244 to only end up at 253 and back to 249 in the span of 5 days. Let me tell you, I...

Life - Week 2 - Weight Loss

So last week was a bit rough. Work is taking over my life and my skincare routine it was dark by the time I got off work every day but, I...

Anime - Banana Fish

For a lot of people, Banana Fish is a timeless classic shounen-ai manga that finally received its anime adaptation in 2018. It is set in...

Food - Orlando - Fk Your Diet

On our last day in Orlando, my fiance and I decided to try this place, Fk Your Diet since they had great reviews and he is a sucker for...

Life-ish - I'm Obsessed with NCIS

My anime obsession has taken a backburner to NCIS. The glorious Naval Criminal Investigation Service ran by Special Agent Leroy Jethro...

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