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Why Me?

I'm not an Instagram model or a lifestyle brand. I'm Jay, 26, and tired of hiding in my own shell. That's me pictured in 2001  with my mom at Disney World. I lost her tragically in 2019 and I realized I needed to shoot my shot with things I love most in this world - Food, Anime, Love, and Life. I'm engaged to my high school sweetheart, videographer, and photographer who will be helping me document my anime reviews, conventions, travel escapades, and more. I'm a normal girl who wants to share her world to make people understand they are not alone and introverts can have fun too.
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Food - Jax Eats - Orsay

I have been hearing about Orsay forever! Their food always looks amazing and the photos have me shook so I decided to have an impromptu...

Life - Happy Birthday Mommy

This is the second birthday, I have not been able to call you or send you a gift you have been hinting at all year. Two years ago today...

Life - Will I find the One?

Since the week we got engaged, everyone has asked me about my dress. And yet, here I am. I have knit-picked over every dress I tried on....

Life - Remember You

You retired the day I was born from Ingalls Hospital in Harvey. By the time I was 5 years old, you woke me up at 5 am because it didn't...

Travel - Flying During COVID-19

My fiance and I made our way to Chicago to quarantine, see family, and tour venues. Living in Florida, the only practical way to get back...

Food - Keto Snacks

I was Keto for about 8 months last year before my mom passed away and lost almost 50 pounds. I knew it was something that worked for me...

Food - Donatos Pizza - Beach Blvd

Who doesn't have a pizza craving? I know I do, but I crave tavern-style Chicago pizza. Everyone thinks that people from Chicago only have...

Love - Wedding Planning Part 2

So, we found a Wedding Coordinator. I saw Wedding Coordinator instead of a wedding planner because she will be there to consult along the...

Life - Another Year Older

My birthday doesn't feel good anymore. Life doesn't feel good anymore. I have been stuck in a vacuum of time since my mom passed away in...

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